Point Cloud acquired Interactive region selection
A 3D point cloud of someone's face, one eye is supposed to be damaged. Due to privacy concerns I put up a scan of myself User interactively selecting damaged region to fill and the other intact eye
Assisted CAD file generation 3D printed output
A CAD model of an eye prosthetic Final 3D printed prosthetics. They are colored white due to time constraints.

Design of ocular and facial prosthetics is a highly labor intensive and skilled task. At the LV Prasad Eye Institute, we performed a series of experiments that showed that computationally designed prosthetics that leverage PolyJet 3D printing and facial 3D scanning can deliver superior fit, lead to shorter fabrication times and lower costs. Due to the enormous likelihood of one side of the face being undamaged, we employed a mirroring strategy. Using symmetry detection techniques, we approximately identify the plane of symmetry. A user then selects the damaged region and with some post processing, a 3D printable STL can be exported.